7th Annual Jay Oktobefest Sat., Sept 17, 2022
10 - 3

benefits continued development of the Jay Community Recreational Centre 

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jeff simpson.jpg

Jeff Simpson 
Horse Drawn Rides

10 - 3 

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For Kids
10:00 am & 11 am
story teller, Charlene Templeman 
Jay Village Inn Bier Hall 

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2021 Cow Clarisa .jpg

50/50 Cow Plop supports
JFG Scholarships
Cow Arrives Jay Country Store Field 1 pm
Tickets on sale 10:30 - 1 pm


Chili Contest Public Tasting & Voting
Jay Town Hall Area
11 - 1 pm

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Mike Ilua - Musician & Songwriter
In front of Jay Town Hall

10 am - 1 pm

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s auct.jpg

Silent Auction Inside Jay Town Hall
10 am 2 pm

Pumpkin Trebuchet (Launcher)
Fun for all ages

10 - 3  

Zuko & the Gang
Music & Bier Hall
1 - 4 pm, Jay Village Inn

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6th Annual Jay Oktoberfest  Sept 18, 2021

Most of the events, Pumpkin PI run, Pumpkin Trebuchet, Chili Contest & Silent Auction were fundraisers for the continued development of the Jay Community Recreational Centre (JCRC). 
The 50/50  Cow Plop Raffle was a fundraiser for the Jay Focus Group Scholarship Fund.
"Clarisa", the Jersey cow owned by the J&R Family Farm of Troy VT, arrived just after 1 pm. A crowd of young and old watched at first patiently, then not so patiently for Clarisa to "poop" to determine the winner of the $1800.  But by the end of the day, that was not to be, so Clarisa headed home and we had to find someone who did not purchase one of the 360 tickets sold for this event and throw a fake "plop".  
The Winner, holding ticket #5 is Eilish Quirion. Congratulations to Eilish who is a nurse at North Country Hospital.