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Jay Oktoberfest 50/50 Cow Plop Fundraiser

We had to cancel Oct 7, Jay Oktoberfest due to Wind & Rain
but we are planning on pulling winning cow plop ticket Sat., Oct 14, noon.

Last day to purchase 50/50 Cow Plop Tickets online is Friday, Oct 13, 6 pm

Jay Oktoberfest 50/50 Cow Plop Raffle Fundraiser Tickets now available to purchase online,

from Jay Focus Group Members, at Jay Peak's Augustwest Music Festival, Aug 12, 2023 in downtown Jay
and day of event, Sat., Oct 7,  10:30 am to 1 pm in Jay Country Store field when the cow arrives.

Don't be left out, $10 can win up to $1800. 


1 cow, 360 tickets for $10. equals a great chance for you to win big money and donate to a worthy cause - 
Jay Focus Group Scholarship Fund for Summer Camps and- continuing Education for Orleans County seniors.   

Some of you may have never heard of a Cow Plop 50/50 Raffle, others have seen it in action. Out west, not western VT, I mean cowboy country, they actually throw cow chips. Here in the east we are a bit more civilized. We just watch & wait until ole Bessie Plops!!!!! 
We are selling just 360 tickets, so chances are good to win.

But the big winners individuals & organizations in Orleans County, VT 

  • Cow will be brought to Jay and lead into fenced-in grid area in the Jay Country Store Field by approx: 1 pm 
    If cow plops on line(s) - share winnings.

  • There are rules - no poking cow, no throwing anything at cow to make it move,
    However you may call the cow. Good luck with that.   

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This year's cow is "Maple" a brown swiss owned by McCarthy's Farm in North Troy.   

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